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16th Annual King Mackerel – Harker’s Island 2015
Tournament Dates and General Rules
October 5-9, 2015
You may fish 4 of 5 days. This is for all of the tournaments below. You must declare 1 layday by 7am and
notify the weigh master (Chris Linetty) or you will be considered fishing that day. Fish must be weighed
the day caught. You must determine which fish you will weigh, the chapter will not determine for you on
the official scale. The fish must be brought to the scale directly from the boat. Boat Captain must be a
current Frederick MSSA member.
Daily Tournament
Winners: Heaviest King Mackerel each day. One winner per day.
Rules: In case of a tie, money will be split equally. Limit 1 fish per day. If there is no winner (no one
checks a fish) then the money will be split equally over the remaining days. If there is no winner
on Friday, a drawing will determine the winner.
Weekly Tournament
Winners: 1st (50%) 2nd (30%) and 3rd (20%) will be determined by the total weight of 4 fish.
Rules: Limit of 2 fish per boat per day for weigh in. Your first 4 fish are weighed in for free. Each
additional fish will cost $10 to replace one of the original fish if it is heavier. The $10 for additional
fish will go into a pot for a drawing at the meeting of any boats not winning a prize. You must be
present to win. In case of a tie, prize money will be awarded to the boat weighing in on the
earliest day. In case of a tie on the same day, prize money will be split equally.
Entry fee: $100 King, $25 for Cobia and $25 for Spanish
1 Winner for the single heaviest fish for the week. Winning Calcutta King Mackerel for the week cannot
win a daily as well. 2nd place fish that day will be moved up to 1st place for the daily.
Daily Magic Numbers
Winners: Closest to the weight below without going over wins $100 each day. Same as daily if no
Monday 18.5 lbs
Tuesday 17.4 lbs
Wednesday 16.3 lbs
Thursday 15.2 lbs
Friday 14.1 lbs
Frederick Chapter Tourney Channel 71

Chapter Weigh–In All fish will be weighed in at Harker’s Island Fishing
Center by the official Weigh Master, Chris Linetty by 5:00pm.
Fish must be at the weigh in by 5pm. No late arrivals.