President’s Message

I always talk about how time flies, well it flew by. Opening day is only a mere three weeks away and there is still a lot to do to be ready. Although the process of making new leaders, waxing the boat, developing a spring time spread, checking over the trailer and all other pre-opening chores have begun, there is still a lot of little things to get in order before the lines hit the water. Seems like the responsibilities haven’t increased, it just takes twice as long to get them done. The “rush” is now on, but you can bet the ranch, come 6:00am April 20th, it’ll be done come hell or high water. Can’t wait to put a “spankin” on some of those BIG boys!

That just starts the beginning of another great year for our chapter. Each year the board seeks to add new ideas, improve upon our existing events and truly make the chapter enjoyable for each member. The board has approved contributing additional monies to each of our tournaments this year to increase winnings. Adding a closest to the weight category adds a decision making element to weighing fish, increasing the excitement. In addition, our line up of speakers and vendors proves to be one of the best. We are adding an outdoor crabbing demonstration in July by Baycountry Crabbing Supplies that will be educational for those of you who want to learn how to catch one of the Bay’s most tasty delicacies.

The Main MSSA tournament, which  coincides with our spring rockfish tournament runs May 3rd, 4th & 5th this year. With the cool temperatures this spring, there is a good chance that the BIG fish will still be around. Check out the Main’s website to sign up on-line or look for the list of Captain’s meetings in order to register. Remember, with all the knowledge you’ve learned from our meeting, your chances should be good.

We are always looking for volunteers or people to join our board. If you have the desire to contribute or have any recommendations, feel free to see me

Fish Hard!

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