mssa-newsletter December 14

President’s Message

December….HO…HO…HO. Can’t believe it. Personally, I can’t wait for summer to arrive. Time flies when you’re fishing. Well, only a few more days to try to catch that fish of a lifetime. The big fish just didn’t seem to make it up far enough again this year, but, there were tons of nice 18-20” fish all over the place.. Although, there we some nice fish caught during the Fall Tournament a couple of weeks back. It’s time to start thinking about what Santa needs to bring you for the holidays this year to make next year a success.

Reflecting on the chapter’s year, it was a fun filled, action packed year of chapter sponsored tournaments, a great dinner dance, tasty crab feast and just a whole slew of dynamite meetings filled with information and bargains galore from our vendors. Our board continues to search for new activities or to make the events enjoyable for everyone. Speaking of events, our 6th annual Fishing Expo is just around the corner and will prove to be the best in the area again this year. Please support our chapter by attending our show and purchasing next year’s gear from the vendors that support us. It’s upsetting to hear about the stuff purchased at other shows after we put forth so much effort to make ours the best.

On supporting our sponsors, as the season ends, many of you will need new line, reels tuned up for next year or your rod repaired. From a chapter perspective, it would be nice if you used our sponsor, Shore Tackle and Custom Rods to have this done. There will be tags at the next couple of meetings, so bring in your gear in need of repair and send it off to them. There will be no pickup or delivery fee for their services, as I will drop them off and pick them up for you. See me at the meeting.

Finally, I would like to wish each of you a Happy Holiday Season and Prosperous Fishing New Year.