Presidents Message:

Whelp, half of the year has already flown by. But, the good news is…….we still have half of the year left that is full of some great chapter activities. Starting with this meeting, we have Shawn Kimbro, one of the Chesapeake’s leading authorities on light tackle fishing. His presentation on jigging, tips and tricks of landing quality fish is a must to attend. Coupled with Specialized Bait’s dynamite line of light tackle products, this is a meeting you do not want to miss if you are a light tackle enthusiast. This will be one of the most informative meetings we have this year, so, hope to see everyone there.

One topic of concern for all of us recreational fisherman is the proposed allocation reduction on the table. There seem to be a couple of different scenario’s that may come to fruition. Each of you should have or will be receiving an email blast of the possible reductions that will affect our future. Please read it carefully. We will be monitoring these proposals closely and will provide updates as we become aware. Hopefully, they won’t put too bad of a hurting on us recreational guys.

Some not too good news, the crabbing currently sucks. The potters and trot liners are struggling to make quality catches and the price/availability of crabs is far below typical standards. The good news is, our crab feast will still be held on September 13. Remember, the cost to attend will be higher than previous years. But, also remember, for each 10 raffle tickets you sell a free entry will be awarded. Please support all our chapter does for everyone by selling or at least purchasing 10 tickets. We will be looking for volunteers to help with this event at the August meeting.

Fish Hard!


mssa-newsletter July 14