President’s Message

Well, like I said, before we know it, spring will be here. There is only about 40 days left before opening day. If you haven’t started, its time to start getting your fishing gear and boats ready to ROCK n roll. Seems like I kept thinking, man, I got time to do this, do that, get this done and I’ll be well ahead of the game. The best laid plans of mice and men must always go a rye. Now its crunch time, time to start checking all the leaders, respool the reels, retie lures, get the 2013 spread together, grease the bearings on the trailer and get the dust out of the boat. Better get started because it’s almost here. I can’t wait, I’m excited, and I’ll be ready, will you? I can only hope that we find this spring to be successful, come on opening day!

It’s also time to start signing up for our Chapter tournaments. Our annual spring rockfish and flounder tournaments will soon be upon us. Sign up sheets for both will be at our next meeting and I can only hope that each of you plan to participate. The board has decided to up the ante for each tournament by adding $350.00 for a new category with prizes being awarded to one (maybe more if a tie) member that catches a fish closest to the designated weight for each day. This not only adds a potential increase to one’s winnings, it also adds an element consideration to weighing the fish. Dinner prices for each tournament will remain the same, and all prizes will be upgraded. This is just another example of the board voting to give back additional perks to those members of our chapter that participate.

I was hoping that our Expo would have been more successful as a fund raiser for the chapter. Our attendance goals fell far below our expectations, resulting in our need to continue our sales of fundraising raffle tickets. We have begun distribution of these tickets to each member and hope that you will step up and sell at least ten (10) tickets. I was disappointed to hear that some have refused. I can only hope that those of you will reconsider as our annual budget exceeds the funds generated by the expo. I don’t believe it’s too much to ask for. Just remember, for each ten (10) tickets sold, you receive a free entry to our crab feast in September. Please see that you get yours at the door at the next meeting.

Fish hard!


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