President Message,

As you read this, many of us will be fishing our annual “Tackle the Mackerel” tournament. A week long adventure, fishing for King Mackerel off the coast of Harker’s Island N.C.

Out of all our events, this is my personal favorite. It exemplifies many qualities our member’s possess. It’s amazing to see the great seaman ship, fishing expertise for the various blue water species, and most of all, the camaraderie shared by all. For over 60 members to spend an entire week fishing together, helping each other out, telling lies and having a good time is truly amazing. Man, what a great time it is!
Make sure you come to our next meeting, which by the way, has been changed to October 15, to hear some great stories, see the pictures and find out who won all the money. There will be over $ 5,000 in cash and prizes awarded to many skilled and/or lucky winners in this tournament. So make sure to be at the next meeting.

Once we recovered from this exciting event, the focus turns to the annual Fishing Expo. This year’s Expo will be held at the Frederick County fairgrounds on January 17, 2015 from 8:00am until 4:00pm. Again and this year’s show will truly be the area’s best.
It takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to make this such a quality event. We need to lean on you guys for more support this year. We will need a huge amount of advertising, signs put out all over, fliers distributed and general help the day of the Expo. So, please everyone, volunteer a few hours of your time to help benefit the chapter.

Finally, fall fishing should be in full swing here shortly with some great fishing days ahead of us.
Don’t forget the Main MSSA fall tournament in November, as it is a great chance to win some hefty cash. Hope you guys can get out and do some fishing. Don’t envy us fellas down in North Carolina and most importantly………….FISH HARD !

mssa-newsletter October 14